Our number one aim is to offer healthcare providers personnel who will work diligently, reliably and will stay with you for the long term. We want to make this process effortlessly simple for you.

To make this happen, we take some unique measures:
  • We listen carefully to your particular needs, so that we can provide exactly what you want
  • We personally interview and profile our nurses and healthcare workers to make sure they’re completely right for your organisation
  • We ensure our overseas healthcare workers have the right visa and supporting qualifications
  • We take care to settle them into communities where they feel supported and happy
  • We provide them with a holistic support package to help them get established
  • If by any chance things don’t work out, we’ll work with you to find a replacement for your team
Healthcare Manager

Total care for Australian healthcare providers

Personal staff profiling

At Health Hub International we really do understand the importance of Fit in any nursing role.

There are many thousands of fully qualified and trained nurses in the Philippines. Many can present strong qualifications from good Universities, with some having a good working background. However, at Health Hub International this represents only the starting point.

Nurses selected by us have been personally interviewed by HEAC, our sister company in Manila. Further, we use the services of a past senior manager from one of Australia’s leading health care organisations to conduct a further interview following discussions with you, our client.

Our aim is to find the perfect fit for your organisation and of course for the nurse. This attention to detail provides the best opportunity for a long and happy relationship with no unpleasant surprises.

Holistic support

All of our team members at Health Hub International fully appreciate and practice Holistic support.

Our ability as a group to appreciate the complexity of our clients’ issues and understand the many quite complex situations they are faced with every day, is key to building a strong, trusting and effective relationship.

Our aim is to liaise with key members of our client’s team in order to facilitate the goals and needs of that organisation.

Simple fixed fee

The Health Hub International fee model is simple, transparent and comes with levels of security. At Health Hub International we do not have a tiered fee structure nor do we subscribe to “add ons” that are activated at various periods during employment.

Our top priority is to work with you to place the right nurse, first time, every time. A one-off fee is agreed prior to the search and only after the successful completion of 2 months’ work placement, will Health Hub International invoice you.

If however, you experience any issues at any time during the first two months, Health Hub International management will work closely with your organisation and the nurse to resolve any problems.

If, at the end of the two month period you are not totally satisfied, we will work with you to place another nurse in the role. This will be a no cost service and confirms our total committment to you.

Healthcare Manager

Committed to Australian healthcare providers

We fully understand your need for stability and predictability in your staffing, which is why we take every possible step to ensure that the nurses and healthcare workers we provide you with, settle quickly into the community.


Miguel Nitkolie has been in Australia for more than six months and was recruited through the Health Hub International model. Following introductions in Manila, Miguel was guided through the process of the visa application, the International English Language Testing System, (IELTS) and the application to the teaching college in Australia. Once Miguel’s visa was approved, Health Hub International organised the air ticket and even accommodation with a Filipino family in Sydney. Miguel has settled in quickly and is enjoying the life and work experience in Australia. Miguel stated that,

“it was much less stressful to have the process managed by an organisation that is established in both Sydney and Manila. HHI and HEAC really made the process easy for me and that reassured my family in the Philippines.”

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