A healthcare placement service with a personal approach

Healthcare Provider

A refreshing new option for the employment of Philippine Nurses by healthcare providers

Our nurses offer the following credentials/qualities:

  • Candidates selected from the Philippines’ most prestigious universities.
  • All nurses are established on our sister company’s database in Manila.
  • All candidates have verified qualifications.
  • Each candidate undergoes a series of interviews to establish personal profile thus ensuring a good fit with the prospective employer.
  • Each candidate has letters of reference from key referees including lecturers, nursing unit managers (where applicable) and doctors.
  • Each candidate is enrolled at a college in Sydney, undertaking a variety of Australian recognised further education certificates and diplomas.

Our unique business model offers the following benefits for your organisation:

  • Working with Health Hub International based in Sydney NSW means personal, quick, effective communication ensuring that all questions or issues can be resolved speedily and effectively. The same management team is responsible for our sister organisation, Health and Education Australasia Corporation (HEAC), based in Manila, Philippines.
  • We know each and every one of our candidates and can work with you to ensure the correct skill sets and personal fit are applied to every role in your organisation.
  • Health Hub International works on a very simple recruitment fee structure with no additional or rolling fees.
  • Our guarantee arrangement ensures complete satisfaction.
  • A personal service model that can truly assist you in the key area of quality staff recruitment and retention.

Improving your staff retention with happy, settled nurses


Welcome to Health Hub International Pty Ltd. For our Australian healthcare clients, Health Hub International offers a refreshingly different recruitment service. From our offices in Sydney, working alongside our sister company, Health and Education Australasia Corporation, (HEAC) in Manila, we are in a unique position, able to offer a boutique service that is seamless from your initial point of enquiry right through to the successful placement of skilled, professional Philippine nurses in your organisation.

Very importantly, and something we believe to be unique in the industry is that our service does not stop at this point. We continue to be actively involved with each of our nurses with a comprehensive support package ensuring that they quickly become settled and happy members of your organisation.

Our team includes staff who specialise in the areas of healthcare recruitment, nursing management, immigration and visa services and even religious affairs. Our goal is to ensure the nurse is completely settled and happy with all aspects of living and working in Australia. Research has concluded that addressing these important personal matters “significantly increases the prospects of staff retention and job satisfaction.”

We look forward to assisting you with your requirements.

Our vision

By 2020, Health Hub International is recognised as the primary supplier of Philippine nurses and health care professionals in Australasia, making a significant contribution to the advancement of health care services and improving the welfare of Australian patients and aged care communities.

Our mission

At Health Hub International we are committed to improving the quality and stability of staffing for Australian Healthcare providers by providing the most, compassionate and skilled nurses through the most supportive and accommodating placement service for overseas nurses.